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Date of Birth - 18th March to 14th April. These people, as the sign's meaning suggests, are always on the move, constantly doing something. They are out there following their passion, and this nature gains them a lot of admirers and followers.

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Their self-confidence and charm attracts those around, and they can get along with just about anyone. They are loyal friends and will stand by those close to them. They do not like wasting time doing things that are unnecessary or insignificant. They are also not big fans of shallow behavior or a callous attitude. However, they are also fun to be around and will keep everyone motivated by their 'let's act!

They are energetic, intelligent, and soft at heart. Date of Birth - 15th April to 12th May.

The people born under this sign are very intuitive. They have an understanding of how things work, and are realistic in their approach. They are also patient and do not react impulsively to situations. As friends, they are very loyal and can be depended on for anything. They make solid friends; people who will console someone in need and give good advice. They can also be good secret keepers.

Prone to being stubborn, they are sometimes unable to see another point of view. They are highly intelligent and can converse on a wide variety of subjects with different people. They also have a very good aesthetic sense, and their tastes in clothes, home furnishings, and the like are very classy and sophisticated.

Date of Birth - 13th May to 9th June. These people are very flexible and adjusting. They do not make a big fuss of a situation and can adapt to change very well.

The 13 Months of the Celtic Tree Calendar

They have extremely sharp minds and an excellent memory. This quick thinking makes it difficult to follow what they say at times. Their intelligence also makes them want to gain more and more knowledge on many different subjects. These people are usually the ones their friends go to for comfort. They know when the other person just needs to be heard, and can offer solutions and insights into many situations. They are very endearing and love to give and receive affection.

Date of Birth - 10th June to 7th July. These people are natural carers.

They advocate for those who are unable to stand up for themselves, and will also help anyone in need. They are ready to offer comfort when someone is feeling low, and are always there for their family and friends. They can handle any problem in a calm and composed manner and come up with practical solutions. These are the kind of people who will value what is available and make the most of it. They are wonderful people to have as friends.

Celtic Tree Months

They are always optimistic in their approach and work for any cause with a positive mindset. They love being around the ones they love. They require a sense of stability in their lives. Date of Birth - 8th July to 4th August. These people are naturally born leaders. They are not scared of any challenge and take it up eagerly, never giving up. They just try harder if they are unsuccessful.

These people gain a lot of followers because of their outgoing and 'take charge' nature. They are competitive in any situation, and want to be the best. Although kind, caring, and giving towards those that are close to them, to others, these people come across as snobbish and arrogant. Their immense intelligence gives them an air of self-confidence. However, they are also suckers for a relaxed life and can become lazy if they get used to it.

Date of Birth - 5th August to 1st September.

A Faerie Child

The people born under this sign are highly intelligent, and have an excellent memory. They do not like having half knowledge about anything. However, this can lead others to think that they are being overly smart, which can cause friction. These people have good analytical skills and a knack for math, accounts, and science. They need control and direction in their lives and find it difficult to live without a strict order.

They are friendly and can talk to anyone easily. They are also wise and are always observing everything around them. Ash Tree people have two currents running through them. One side is very artistic and sensitive, while the other is quite down to earth. Compassion is the key word here, as they see the best and worst the world has to offer.

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Because of this dual nature, their motives are often misunderstood by those round them. Alder Tree people are the warriors and adventurers, the heroes from myth. They are very physical and like a challenge. They take the lead with their competitive drive, but sometimes their actions are foolishly dangerous. Alder people may get impatient when action is low. They make great and loyal friends, but ego and need for praise can hide a deep sensitivity.

Like the Moon, Willow Tree people have a hidden, mysterious nature. On the outside they appear as very sensible, practical people, but on the inside they are very psychic and mystical. Unusual experiences follow them. Although they are wise counselors, their emotions and moods can change suddenly and negatively influence their usual reasoning ability. Those born under the Hawthorn Tree probably have a variety of talents aimed at communication. They are charismatic and well versed in many things, similar to the Celtic druids.

They are great leaders and strategists, but at times their expressive nature is armed with the sword of anger. Verbal spars pepper their otherwise colorful life, as they experiment with life. Oak Tree people have a wide range of talents. They combine some of the best qualities, including vision, personal charm, optimism and a drive for success. Such individuals often find themselves in leadership positions. Later in life, they are drawn to spiritual and philosophical pursuits.

Celtic Druid Astrology: What’s Your Tree Zodiac Sign?

This is the tree sign of honor and regalness. People under the Holly Tree hold to their values, backed by a strong will. They are trustworthy and loyal.

CELTIC IRISH ASTROLOGY: tree & animal zodiac signs E14

In short they have a great sense of character. Unfortunately this regalness can manifests as through pretentious or patronizing behavior. History past holds sway over this sign, and their homes are often filled with historical collections. Hazel Tree people are not only wonderful communicators, but gatherers of knowledge and wisdom. They can be moody, withdrawn, can be recluses, has strong ties to nature, and are in a constant state of self-renewal.

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They are compatible with Willow and Reed signs. Alder- The Trailblazer: The Alder is an adventurer, a mover and a shaker, and will blaze a trail with fiery passion. They are confident, focused, hates to waste time, can see through superficiality and will not tolerate fluff. They are compatible with Hawthorns, Oaks or even Birch signs. Willow- The Observer: These guys are intelligent, intuitive, creative, sometimes mystic, perceptive, understands cycles well, and are bursting with potential, but have a tendency to hold themselves back for fear of appearing flamboyant or overindulgent. They are compatible with Birch and the Ivy.

Hawthorne- The Illusionist: The Hawthorne is not at all what they appear to be. Outwardly they are certain, steady, and may seem average but on the inside they carry fiery passions and inexhaustible creative flame. They are humorous, has good insight, and is a good listener. They are compatible with Ash and Rowans. They are protective people and often become a champion for those who do not have a voice. They work well with Ivy, Ash, and Reed.