Daily horoscope 22 march

Issues of partnership and cooperation claim your attention today. Your spouse or business partner may bring up a problem they want to resolve.

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  • Your sense of your own limits is skewed by today’s moon-Venus square..
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If so, it's likely to be something involving an imbalance of power or responsibility. Do your best to treat their perceptions as valid, even if you think they're utterly off base. Under the current influence, it's more important to get along than to prove your point. Illustration by Rocco Fazzari Credit:.

It's important to keep the peace today.

Your Daily Horoscope For March 22, 12222

This shouldn't be too difficult for you, since you're in a warmly affectionate mood. You don't want tension or conflict any more than anyone else does. Just be aware if you slip into a stubborn mood. In most cases, it's more important to get along than to take a stand. On the other hand, be firm if you have to.

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  5. This is about choosing your battles. Your energy and creativity are on high today. You're making intellectual connections like an expert, and if you're part of a brainstorming group, your contributions will get others' ideas sparking.

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    Teamwork is definitely the way to go today. You're in a great, playful mood, so it's easy to keep the peace. And there's a great deal of kinetic energy to be tapped into when you're working closely with other people. Your social life may pick up today -- at least, the invitations might come pouring in. It's up to you whether you go or stay home. You might be tempted to skip the dinner party or happy hour, convincing yourself it's easier and more comfortable to stay home.

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    But today it's a good idea to get some new energy flowing in your life. Get out of familiar surroundings. See new places and faces. Your closest relationships may take the spotlight today. It's a great day to talk out even difficult, sensitive issues, because it's easier than usual to set your ego aside and listen with compassion. You're aware that the other person's side is as valid and real as yours. You're looking for points of connection instead of the differences that divide you.

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    That peacekeeping approach should improve things between you immediately. You're a hard worker, and you're rarely off task. That's why days like today are so valuable -- they remind you to relax and have a little fun! Gather with your friends, even if that means telling jokes in the break room at work.

    Aries (March 21 - April 19)

    But leaving your responsibilities behind and doing something purely social is even better. It's a great time for a romantic date.

    Today's Daily Horoscope 22 March 2016 all Zodiac Signs

    You're feeling a little friskier than usual! Express yourself creatively today. This could be on a grand scale, such as starting a new craft or art project, but it could also be on a simple one: bringing a vase of flowers to work to brighten up the office, for example, or wearing a stylish new pair of shoes. Please note that dates for the zodiac signs can vary from year to year. To confirm your actual Sun sign, do a free chart here. You could easily blow a dispute out of proportion or overreact to a perceived slight about…what exactly, Aries?

    Restrain yourself from lashing out or storming out of the room when you feel your temper heating up. Want to break the ice? Pay attention to the little things. One astute and sincere compliment could get you everywhere. Although this day can bring some ups and downs, be mindful of the impact your wavering feelings can have on the ones you love. Instead, try to find beauty in the so-called flaws and humor in the moments of surprise. A little treat will still do the trick of satisfying your desire for something shiny and new.

    Tame your people-pleasing instincts today.

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    As the Leo moon in your self-authorized first house clashes with harmonizer Venus, you could be too quick to concede simply because you want to keep the peace. But preserve some fight in you, Leo. On days like this, nice guys will finish last. Beware the smooth-talking salesman, Virgo, and remain somewhat wary when you feel a tug on your heartstrings. Assume nothing until you have facts and figures in front of you. But before you get in deeper, make sure everything you pool is being shared and distributed equally.

    With money-minded Venus squaring la luna, cash could be a source of friction among your friend group or team. To avoid a total squad meltdown, demand transparency around group spending, and make sure the workload is equally divided among your collaborators. While everyone may bring different skills to the table, you should each be expending an equal amount of energy. You have a vision, Scorpio, and a brilliant one at that. People may demand practical proof before signing on or need more time to mull things over.