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Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Chinese Horoscope Pig Born in: Weekly. Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 13, and February 01, If you were born before February 13, , your Chinese zodiac sign is Dog. Overview Due to the punishment of Tai Sui - Grand Commander of the Year, you Pigs of will be under a lot of pressure at work and become more stubborn and unyielding to restraint and control.

In terms of health, you will suffer from more mental stress and need to work off the negative mood to prevent from producing serious consequences upon the breakout.

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As for luck in making money, you will be prone to investment losses. However, do not push yourself too hard because hope often follows despair, so face life with a positive attitude. Wealth In , you Pig people of will have average luck for money under the impact of conflicting and torturing Tai Sui, especially if you are in business. Therefore, you businessmen shall keep an eye on goods quality and prevent the bad quality from affecting your reputation and bringing you a crushing blow on career and fortune.

Besides, you will have bad luck for windfall in this year and need to invest or start a business prudently. Unless fully prepared, you are not suggested to make a big move but do your duty well and maintain the status quo. Career Since your birth year belongs to water and the heavenly branch Hai of further boosts water, your career development will be benefited a lot. Go slow here, Pisces, and subtly state your boundaries: all will revert back to normal in early April.

Some Pisceans, especially those born between March 10th and 20th, may also experience the dramatic appearance of a highly seductive relationship. If single, Pisces, all will be well: expect this new relationship, although unusual, to meet a great many of your previously unfulfilled social and physical needs. Opt for long-term security and predictability here, Pisces: this is not the right time to take on risky relationships or unusual emotional challenges.

Later this year watch also for loved ones to actively need your continued support and encouragement. A recent series of emotional or family changes may cause others to feel vulnerable, exposed or misunderstood. Be supportive, Pisces: positive romantic gains, newly honest communications and shared creativity will be the result after late August.

A delicate and highly promising year, Pisces: take extra time to reward the emotional progress of loved ones.

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Just as the natives of the previous zodiac sign, you will be more concerned about your state of health and of your body during this year than lately. You receive astral energy to successfully accomplish your plans in a busy year such as the current one. A greater attention for your rest is required because sleep helps your body to regenerate and to recharge energetically.

However, some health problems may occur, such as heart, liver or gall diseases.

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Thus they are suggested to have regular medical examinations. As for wealth, they need to watch out for the thieves.

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Otherwise they may lose some money. Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. In the first half year of , people with the sign of Chinese zodiac Horse will get their hand full all day long, but in the latter part of the year, they will have some spare time to do the things they like. They will live a relatively steady life and have satisfied experience in love and relationship.

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They need to be on the alert when strangers try to talk with them deliberately. The following is luck prediction by month for horse and one can check it if they want to know more. Personality of the Horse. Love Compatibility.

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Best Jobs and Working Partners. Answers App. Horse Luck Prediction by Month See general introduction to Horse Fortune in Luck Prediction by Month Asked by sree from UAE Nov. Generally speaking, the overall situation would change into a better stage in In career and wealth, there won't have many difficulties. You can make full use of your intelligence to make some improvements.