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Each of the 12 animal signs and five elements is associated with a year of the Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar does not start on Jan. So if you were born in January or February, you must check where the date fell in your birth year, as your sign and element might be of the prior Western calendar year. Each of the elements is dominant for two years, and with five elements the cycle repeats every 10 years. This is referred to as the 10 stems or 10 heavenly stems. Knowing your birth element can help you create the best feng shui for your home or office.

February 8 1956 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

It can guide the decor colors , items, and areas you should emphasize and minimize. They are intensely protective of their friends and family. They are genial and independent. They love outdoor activities and being in nature. Security and a stable income are her requirements for a career. Dogs are the most compatible with Rabbits. Dogs and Dragons clash strongly and are the least compatible. Neither trusts each other and they have intense arguments.

Dogs are loyal and obey all orders. They put in their biggest effort to accomplish any task given to them. They are also sensitive to details and have strong reasoning skills. They see the dangers of being in a position of high status. Dogs are observant and have strong morals.

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They judge everyone before deciding if the person is trustworthy. This makes them a good candidate for careers such as referees, lawyers and interviewers. Dogs are healthy overall, but the status of their health often has drastic changes. Though they seem resilient, it actually hides the symptoms that they may have. The smallest colds can put them in bed for days.

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Be wary of influenza and other contagious diseases during summer and autumn seasons. They should pay attention to their digestive system during their youth. Their biggest enemy is their unhealthy diet. Once in the workforce, Dogs will constantly be busy. The stress will lead to headaches and migraines. In extreme cases, it can even lead to hysteria. To create a strong base, Dogs should begin the habit of exercising early on.

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  • Taking breaks as needed and relaxing activities such as yoga are recommended. Friends will play an essential role throughout the year; rely on them for support during success or failure. Be ready for real growth opportunities and overall progress. For Dogs, the Rat brings growth and renewal. Building on the fortune of the previous year, hard work and extra effort will pay off. Business ventures will do well in the year of the Metal Rat. However, even with an abundance of opportunities for advancement, choose wisely. It might be better to stay in your current job.

    Weigh the benefits and consequences before moving forward. Although loyalty in the workplace will be rewarded, be wary of too much risk. Thoughtful, well-planned ventures will give you an edge. It can be better to stay in place to let the steady flow of work propel you to your end goals.

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    With your accumulated wealth, the temptation to spend will be front and center. Be mindful of this; saving money for the future is worthwhile, especially to help soften harder times in the coming zodiac years. For Dogs, this year will generally be positive in all aspects. Success comes in all forms, even with an educational focus. Keeping your goals in check is necessary, and everything will come together in time.

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    • Loyalty and dedication to your schooling will drive future achievements. This is your year to improve! Friends can provide comfort and assistance in times of need. Rely on your cohort for help with studying, exams, and advancement. Being in a group of like-minded individuals is best for educational success. The Rat brings good fortune along with good health. Proper diet, exercise, and managing stress will improve your disposition. Even with the most unfortunate of health issues, there is an excellent chance to overcome any diagnosis.

      Remember, this year is one of good tidings and will be reflected in your health. The most important thing you can do for your health is to stay active and conscious of your needs. Overworking is a definite an preventable cause for deteriorating health. Balancing all areas of life will be beneficial to your body and mind.

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      The outer circle of a Chinese New Year zodiac chart features a white and black rim. Each sign will have either a black yin or white yang band to indicate the animal's chi energy. White represents sunlight and masculine yang energy while the black represents moonlight and feminine yin energy. Not only is each astrological sign in the Chinese New Year zodiac chart ruled by an element, but they are also ruled by either yin or yang energy.

      There are "Yin" years and "Yang" years for each Chinese zodiac astrological sign. The easiest way to keep this straight is:. Each year has either yin or yang energy as well as an element. You can easily determine these when you follow the chart below. The five elements in the Chinese zodiac chart are interrelated and can be either productive, often referred to as an affinity relationship, or destructive, often referred to as an enmity relationship. A compatible relationship productive is positive for both people and produces all the good things you expect from a solid and whole yin yang relationship.

      When the elements clash in ways that destroy each other from opposite directions, such as north water and south fire this is called the destructive cycle. In a human relationship, this threat of element clashing is referred to as an enmity relationship.