February leo tarot

People you haven't seen for a while are real interested in finding out what you've been doing. If there is someone you need to be in touch with, don't think twice about reaching out to make a connection! Aquarius: Stay away from drama on the job this month.

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A nasty disagreement between you and a coworker can upset the energy at work. The power of aggression will work against you, if you're not careful.

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Handle everything with a calm head until things cool off. You'll soon discover that the situation wasn't worth your attention in the first place. Pisces: Your brain cells are amazing this month! This is an ideal time to study for a test, focus on getting better grades if in school, or focusing on some self study. Doing research proves to be successful. You'll discover tat information will surface quickly. Engaging in conversations with experts or people in the know also provides necessary knowledge. You're extremely mentally aware.

On this card is depicted a kneeling figure looking down at its own reflection in a pool of water. Over head is a bright star that radiate beams of starlight upon the figure. There are mountains in the background with the Egyptian bird, the ibis flying over head. The ibis is sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian deity of higher wisdom. It is also a 'fisher' bird, a bird that draws fish from the water. The bird represents 'fishing for a higher way of thinking' and the star light shows things the way there are…a person seeking truth.

Numerically the number 8 is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental activities, thinking and communication. The 'Action To Take' this month is to take time to think and sort out recent decisions. You now have a chance to realign yourself with your Spirit Guides and Divine forces…now is time. On the 26th, the new Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius.

A new Moon opens a new direction to take regarding your actions and decisions. You have a chance to start all over. The sign of Sagittarius rules the astrological house of inquiry, expansion and spirituality. Sagittarius is considered the sign of the philosopher, the explorer, the seeker, the one who is curious. Look below to see how the new Moon in Sagittarius might influence your month Aries: Once you've figured out the direction of your love life, you'll begin to have fun with the one you're with, or with someone brand new.

The new Moon urges you to seek fun, meet new people and start making plans to visit new destinations. The feeling of freedom is strong in your life during the new Moon. No one or no situation is going to hold you back from enjoying it! Taurus: Just because the end of the year is closing in doesn't mean you should stop working on making a dream come true.

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The new Moon in 'inspiration' planet Sagittarius stimulates you to keep focused and striving. A better financial situation comes to light and you'll be ready to reap the benefits if you maintain your a progressive stride! Gemini: The new Moon stimulates the need for excitement in romance. Do what you can to eliminate boredom and bring greater adventure between you and your special someone.

Don't be afraid to try new things or visit different places that might activate greater passion. Your love life satisfies your expectations. Cancer: Stay one step ahead of the negative forces on your job. Someone is planning to create big problems between you and your coworkers.

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Stay away from gossip and leave the instigators alone. By creating distance between you and others at work you will avoid being dragged into a lot of messiness this month. Leo: There is a strong sense of vibrance in your love life. Someone really has deep feelings for you and are not afraid to show you. Move forward with confidence with the person who stimulates your heart. Virgo: Sticky matters between you and a room mate will have to be dealt with to bring peace in your home life. The new Moon suggests that being there to hear what is really bothering them will help get to the bottom of issues quickly.

The more effort you bring to clear up a matter will assure you having peaceful holiday situations this time around! Now that the Mercury RX is over you can reach out and make a positive impression with different people. Get togethers with interesting folks go well. The new Moon is excellent for increasing your social circle for the better! Scorpio: Anticipate a new way to increase your income. The new Moon favors fresh ways to allow your money to grow.


Be receptive to making a few changes and not getting stuck in doing the some old thing regarding securing your income. Take advantage of the few remaining weeks of financial cosmic assistance. Follow your intuition! Sagittarius: Great optimism surrounds you this new Moon. Consider this as a preview of what's to come in the next few months.

There is an enormous chance of greater prosperity seeping into your life if you're receptive to it. Now is the time to count your blessings and make sure you've taken advantage of every positive situations that is open for you! Capricorn: Your prayers open doors! The power of manifestation is strong around the new Moon. If you're seeking something different to appear in your life, the new Moon provides insightful instruction of which course of action to take.

Stay positive and stay in prayers. Your angels are listening carefully! Aquarius: Avoid keeping company with people you're not sure about. If you have old friends and not sure about their loyalty, stop spending your time in their company…chances are they may not be such a great friend in the first place. The new Moon directs you to take a new course when it comes to socializing and networking. Let go of the old and gravitate towards the new! Pisces: The pressure is on regarding your job this new Moon.

You're expected to perform at a higher level whether you're ready or not. Don't let the risk of failure cause you not to do your best. Just know that you're in a great cycle and anything you do will turn out well! If necessary walk with self confidence and fake it to make it through! Small things can conflate into epic conflicts, so come to the table prepared to compromise on a key point. Type keyword s to search.

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