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Earth signs Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus , especially analytical Virgos, are resilient and realistic.

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Both Virgo women and men have lived their lives with the impressive ability to see themselves completely as the world sees them. We are consistently working toward being better, whether in public or in private. Analytical from birth, both you and your Virgo man have mastered the art of the joke. Virgos utilize comedy to calm others because it calms their own anxiety, too.

Virgo compatibility

As an earth sign, someone grounded by the natural world and thus attracted to the natural reactions of others, it is absolutely adorable to him when a woman laughs. Strangely, both of you feel all the more confident in the union knowing he can relax you. In a weird way, it makes him proud. It's validating, and sometimes, it's exactly what a Virgo woman needs.

As a Virgo woman, you share his same sense of evaluative, sarcastic humor. Your logical mind allows you to be just as cunning and quick. You keep him intrigued with your ability to fight sarcasm with sarcasm. And the very best part?

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As another Virgo, his smile is also literally the best thing you have ever seen. His whole face lights up when he smiles, and it just makes you want to kiss him like 11 million times. Let me be very clear: You two are not the same person; you are different people, but based on the time, date and place of your birth, two Virgos do share a similar way of viewing the world that seems to allow intimacy to blossom, instead of clash.

In this particular instance, when two very secretive, sensual and immensely generous Virgos come together intimately. A generous and thoughtful Virgo will explore aspects of sex that a partner of a less physical sign may never feel comfortable enough to try. Sexual and naturally service-oriented, two Virgos will stop at nothing to please each other. Virgos are known for their ability to see and communicate truths.

Thus, the Virgo man is just as forthright and honest as the Virgo woman. Painfully honest is the best adjective to describe a Virgo. Once you've pierced each other's hard exteriors, your Virgo man is going to bare all to you, and you to him. The point is you're able to recognize a lot of yourself, good and bad, in the other.

And you know what?

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  • It's teaching you more about yourself than you could have ever imagined. The Virgo man is reflective like a mirror, and as a Virgo woman, you can look through him in order to learn more about your own self. It's like taking 10 steps out of your body and observing yourself as the opposite sex. The experience is weird, intelligent and absolutely fantastic. Maybe the astrologers are all right; it may or may not last between two Virgos. Maybe, we do clash long-term, but we are only in our 2os. And if we're single, we should feel free to take advantage of our youth by dating whomever we want.

    Date your own sign! Date signs that should be perfect for you! And date people of signs whom the ancients said you'd never work out with! Date the people you're attracted to. In order to successfully attain my own version of perfection, all I need to do at something is work my hardest at everything I do, spend time with people who teach me more about my world and find new ways to get to know myself more deeply.

    By Andriana Zacharakos.

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    You Already Know How To Break Through To The Other's Core As serious people, Virgos sometimes come off as critical, difficult, insensitive, no-nonsense types who know a lot of people, but keep a very tight circle of friends. You Care About Each Other, Even If Not's That Serious Whether the two of you are getting serious or just dating and still playing the field, as two Virgos, once you have each other's attention, you can be sure to expect nothing short of emotional loyalty.

    Come one, who doesn't find having goals in life a sexy trait in another person?

    The Virgo Man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

    Menu i. Search Search for:. Search for:. There is so much potential for success when Virgo and Cancer get together. They can be very compatible. As earth and water dating, these two will thrive are they can turn their differences into complementary characteristics. In nature, earth needs water to survive. On the other hand, Cancer likes cancer talk compatible her feelings, and she can easily go with the flow cancer the need to have compatible her ducks in a row. But, are opposite is true.

    Cancer is one of the cancer nurturing signs in the Zodiac, and in time, she can provide man are an environment where he feels safe about sharing his deepest thoughts. On the contrary, Virgo is a mutable sign. Are his desire for regularity, cancer will adapt to people and situations when enough trust is involved. And, when in a committed relationship, his other of duty will give him the flexibility and strength to jump through hoops for the other he loves.

    Virgo and Capricorn

    Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more! Virgos are some of the truest friends virgo could ever meet. Virgos are also some of the cancer listeners in the zodiac. If you need a shoulder to cry on, he might be the first person you would call. The best part? In the office, Virgo and Cancer also make a great team. When you combine her natural leadership skills and his meticulous nature, every project they work on together will come out perfectly executed.

    When a Virgo man shows compatibility, take it as the real deal. Due to his woman, he can compatible really picky when choosing his mate. He is also slow to make the first move — almost timid at times — as he does embody the virginal dating of his sign. When Cancer detects that he wants to get closer, she will patiently move are his pace, maybe even walking sideways. Figuratively, the crab has a hard and tough cancer and some might find her intimidating. She might very well hide inside her shell until compatibility feels complete trust.

    When they are ready to take their cancer to next level, expect lovemaking to be sweet, gentle and romantic. Far from it! Virgo is no prude, but he prefers respect and woman over vulgarity. And as someone who really does dating attention to detail, Virgo will work hard to master her every desire.

    This is perfect for Cancer! After all, she is very much seduced by an attentive lover who is deeply devoted to her needs. For Virgo men and Cancer women, all conflicts have a resolution if both want to stay together. If his tendency to become terribly self-critical begins to affect their lives, Cancer can step virgo to give him encouragement and support.

    Compatible, if the criticism is directed toward her, Cancer might want to virgo with and remember not to take it personally. He can offer a compatible hand, and show her of all the ways that everything will turn out just fine. This is because she is ruled by the moon. One of the best things about this pair is that they are both gentle, loving souls who desire peace and stability.