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Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Open in app. Notification Center. Numerologically every Fate number is marked by distinctive persona. Each numbers revels something specific.

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Renowned Astro Numerologist Anupam V Kapil presents a Glimpse of different fate numbers and qualities associated with these. Check Now! Fate Number 1: Your fate number is 1 if you are born on 1,10,19 or 28 of any month. You insist on organising and controlling everything and everyone around. Pride is your weakest point, but you are unbelievably susceptible to compliments and genuine appreciation will get you to bend backwards to please. When your pride is wounded you lose all virtues and become most unpleasant.

Enemies are quickly forgiven after they bow down and apologize. You resent familiarity from strangers, but are extremely warm and affectionate with those who are loved and trusted. No one can be more generous and benevolent than you when appreciated and respected, but you are dangerous when ignored. Creative, inventive, strongly individualistic and more or less obstinate and determined in all that you undertake.

Being very ambitious you dislike restraint. However you rise in whatever your profession may be. Though authoritative, you benefit from getting help from persons in authority. Most of the time you have a positive and optimistic attitude and face ups and downs in your lives without losing courage.


Active years of your lives are between 35 and You are liked by the opposite sex and benefit by them. You want freedom with no boundaries and cannot bear any interference in your work at any cost. You are ready to change their opinions and accept the truth. Precautions: Refrain from being ambitious, too independent, reckless, too authoritative, too critical, boastful and arrogant during times of struggle.

It doesn't give you a particularly charmed and easy time with money. You will need to give concerted effort, organization, management, and resolve to making things happen and to define and meet your goals. While everyone in the world has to deal with money, for you, money is a central theme and a central focus of your life. You think in business-like ways and money is important to you, one way or the other! An 8 Path person is just as likely to be drawn toward scarcity. The 8 vibration provides the energy with which to achieve financial abundance through concerted effort, ethical conduct, and attention to your higher purpose.

I know many 8 Life Paths who have struggled with a load of issues from childhood who have either succumbed to addiction and victimization or blazed through their fear and anger over their circumstances to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. No kidding. As an 8 Life Path, take heart.

Your Life Path Number | Felicia Bender

The tough stuff is the core of this vibration, making the ultimate rewards you get for your efforts even sweeter. I already mentioned Martha Stewart. I bring her up again with the intent to illustrate the resilient qualities of the 8 Life Path. Lesser folks would have slunk away from the spotlight with their tails between their legs. Not Martha. Your life purpose is to use your abundance and power to make the world a better place.

You might have an authoritarian mate or an abusive parent. You often allow employers, parents, or others treat you with a lack of respect or with contempt until you learn to stand up for yourself and claim your power. To work against your impulse to avoid material success. The drive toward material abundance comes with equally strong fears of abundance.

To understand that issues with money will be likely to recur throughout your life. You may also confront issues of power, control, authority, or recognition. You may have no issues with money; your major issues may be with power and recognition.

Your Life Path Number

To embrace the fact that money and spirituality can co-exist. Those born into wealth have the tendency to distance themselves from other people. If you were born into poverty you may have a tendency to use your history as a rationale for never taking reasonable steps to become financially abundant. To make a concerted effort to avoid greed.

Clarity of focus teamed with a higher purpose is imperative to your healthy success. The central work for you involves contacting your sense of inner abundance, not just striving for material wealth in the outer world. You need to experience inner abundance, power, and respect before you can effectively manifest these qualities in the world. Your destiny involves money one way or another. Find ways to give to others throughout your life. You can be successful with anything you focus on accomplishing.

When exploring the energy of the 8 Life Path, you find that you have both an attraction and an aversion to success.

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Sometimes you can become lazy and bored with life. Though you may face difficulties, you must learn how to focus on your goal, start it, and follow through with the necessary work to manifest your vision.

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  4. Others may find you intimidating. You have concerns about not allowing others to control you. When you banish the feelings that keep you from achievement, you can think big and play big. When you focus on what you want with drive and intensity you can achieve anything. Whatever you want is worth working for. There is a lot of spiritual energy surrounding you, so you need a strong spiritual base.

    You're most often on a different wavelength than other people. Do you feel intuitive? You have a natural intuitive ability that is in some ways at odds with your highly analytic mind. This can be a point of confusion for you. Either you block and suppress your intuition—which could lead to dissatisfaction and ill health—or you learn to respect and balance both aspects of your highly calibrated mind.

    Perhaps you experience the opposite: You fully embrace your psychic awareness and refuse to use your grounded, analytical abilities. Either way, inviting both aspects of your cognition analysis and intuition to co-exist and co-create can have a profoundly positive impact on your life. Really, at the end of the day, yours is a highly internal journey where you're primarily purpose is to get to know who you are in the deepest, most authentic and soulful way.

    And this will take a lifetime. In Numerology, the 7 is the number of contemplation and of being alone. Often those on a 7 Life Path will spend good portions of their lives on their own. Meditation is imperative. Nature is rejuvenating. You flourish and relax when you connect with the environment in some way.

    You need consistent exercise to move your energy around as well. Self-care is necessary for you to have a balanced life.