Mars in gemini woman compatibility

This power in your words is most assertively used in matters of love and sexual gratification. You have very little problem verbalizing your needs in sex or telling a partner that you want to try something new. Mars in Gemini does become bored quite easily and since this is the planet of action in restless sign romantic pursuits should always have a fresh trick up their sleeve if your desire is expected to last long.

Mars in Gemini has a strong intellectual drive so mental pleasure can sometimes be more important than sex. These lovers prefer a certain measure of discretion. They can be quite happy with consistency, as variety is less important to them than is security in sexual expression.

However, their sexuality is deep and powerful. They are often quite private about what goes on in the bedroom. Although some will want others to know that they are on top of things in their sex life, they generally won't get into messy details. If Venus or Mars is in Leo , they will take care of their partners in bed, but their natural inclination is to get off themselves. Their tendency is to fantasy which often revolves around devotion and attention. These people are most turned on when their partner thinks they are gods or goddesses.

Their pride in their lovemaking compels them to try to be the best in bed. While some want a mate they can show off, many prefer not to have two stars in the same household. They can be quite possessive and jealous, although they'll often try to hide this fact. In fact, they may put their partners to the test every now and again, and the more insecure ones will demand the world from their partners, if only to have them prove their love. They are prone to fibbing when it comes to love and sex, as they are out to impress their mates.

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It is hard for these people to separate love and sex. Even their most erotic sexual fantasies are infused with love and affection. They can sometimes come on too strong, and get impatient when their needs are not met soon enough, but you may appreciate their direct sexual expression, and their openness in bed.

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If Venus or Mars is in Aquarius , they don't have a reputation for warmth in sex, although they may think the other way around because, at least in theory, they are open-minded. There is a "take it or leave it" style that can be sexy or maddening, depending on the audience. They give off an air of being savvy and cool in bed. Sex from a distance when you are not actually there physically , or in theory, is often where they shine.

That is why cyber or phone sex, or affairs that don't break up marriages, can be especially attractive to these folks. They are most turned on when you are not, as detachment can be a real turn-on for them.

Description of Mars in Gemini - Forest for Women

And, again, the idea of sex is generally more exciting to these lovers than the actual act. Their fantasies often involve getting caught having sex, and they are attracted to people who are a little offbeat or odd. If Venus or Mars is in Virgo , there is generally a healthy attitude towards sex. Sex to them is a bodily function, necessary for health and general well-being.

Everyday stresses and tensions are released in sex, whether it's with others or with themselves. Simple and sweet is the way they like their bed partners. They also get turned on by the idea that they are your slave. They love doing little things, and get worked up when they know you appreciate all the things they do. They can be a little insecure about their bodies, and they make up for it by paying close attention to their methods of turning you on. They are very respectful of your likes and dislikes, and focus on the things that have had the most success, they love imperfections and have the best time with a partner who needs care.

They'll make a project out of you, and you will likely never feel quite so attended to with anyone else. They can be squeamish about body fluids and things that don't taste or smell to their liking, However, they definitely want to please and to be savvy at lovemaking.

Mars in Gemini // Sex in Astrology

If Venus or Mars is in Pisces , these lovers are actually a bit like chameleons, it's hard to pin them down to any one style. They take a more subtle approach to flirting and sex. These lovers are generally open to all of the avenues of sexual expression. They are forgiving and bending, and they are generally willing to please.

At times romantic and emotional, in general, they prefer nonverbal expressions of love and are attracted to imbalance. Self-sacrifice, compassion, and even religion can be mixed into their sexual expression. They may talk a lot one evening, and be withdrawn the next. Add it to your collection now! The true reason and meaning for finding your Venus sign are always to find true love. No matter who you are, finding love and a true companion is important to you.

Why not find the best compatibility match that might be out there. Your astrology sign has many meanings and can be the beginning blueprint for creating your life, finding love, and building a promising career. However, if not done with care, you may overlook key important signs that will lead to heartache, headaches, and more. Keeping in mind that Venus and Mars are opposers of one another can prove to complicate when playing the game of compatibility; however, if Venus can make one promise, it will be that with Mars by her side, you will always have a smile on your face.

Mars and Venus work well together and though sometimes perceived as oil and water, are the two key signs that you are mastering duality. The ability to be in love while experiencing some level of war is not easy or simple, but the signs show that the experience will be more than worth it.

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Are you looking for the love of your life? Now that you've taken the time to find your Venus sign, let's discuss the different signs and there true meaning:.

Description of Mars in Gemini

A man with a Venus sign in Aries is attracted to firey, outspoken, challenging, independent women. These women keep him on his toes with their bossy reactions which he finds enticing and uses to play-fight with her resulting in a strong love and sex life. Women with a Venus sign in Aries are down-to-earth, and more comfortable with male companions.

These women find that their Venus is ruled by Mars adding the spice that she needs in love and sex. The true meaning behind her will never be revealed on the many dates she goes on as she will always be seen as the "tomboy" friend. A man with a Venus sign in Taurus is attracted to feminine, down-to-earth women resembling the s housewives. He appreciates her sensual side and the fact that she is caring, kind, and maternal.

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A woman with a Venus sign in Taurus is a true romantic. She enjoys the softness of a man while exploring his masculinity. This woman is grounded and brings a great deal to any relationship be it while searching for love via several dates, after finding love, or while exploring her intimacy levels during sex. He was " lambasted for having transformed the mythical goddess of love into a ' naked, impudent Englishwoman. A post shared by Carrie Feder history. A man with a Venus sign in Gemini is attracted to intelligent women borderline genius mentality.

He loves having conversations with her and sharing ideas. But this man also enjoys the mystery that his woman's mind brings to the table. A woman with a Venus sign in Gemini is clever, drawn to bright minds, has many acquaintances, and few close friends. This woman is vivacious, a social bee, funny, restless, playful, changeable, sharp-witted, friendly, trendy, and active. In her relationships, she enjoys the freedom to be herself, laughing, and is sometimes wary of finding the "One.

A man with a Venus sign in Cancer is attracted to sensitive, compassionate women. Though some of these women can become clingy and emotionally invasive, he handles her with care and gives her the utmost respect and much attention.