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Slow down your social life and spend time in solitude to tap into your inner guidance and reignite your inspiration. In your 11th House of Friends, the Aries Sun energizes your social life. Recharge your batteries by participating in group activities and reaching out to people who inspire you.

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This is an auspicious time for connecting with people who can help you realize your dreams, so take advantage of any networking opportunities. The Sun in Aries shines on your 10th House of Career -- an industrious time for focusing on achievement and success. Take the risk of making new connections and taking courageous steps toward your professional goals. In your 9th House of Travel, the Aries Sun stirs up your desire to explore new destinations. This is an auspicious time for adventure in any form, whether physical or intellectual.

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Stepping outside your comfort zone reignites your inspiration and gives you a higher perspective on any challenges. The Sun in Aries sets off sparks in your 8th House of Intimacy, so prepare for the flames of desire to flare! Activating your 7th House of Partnerships, the Sun in Aries puts relationships on the front burner -- even more than usual. You can keep it all in balance by making sure you're seeing to your own needs and obligations; in fact, you must be careful not to shirk responsibilities, no matter how small.

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The Sun in Aries energizes your 6th House of Work and Health, calling for innovative approaches to everyday routines and responsibilities. Use this surge of energy to revamp your self-care and work habits -- how can you experience more pleasure and enthusiasm in your daily life? Lighting up your 5th House of Fun, the Sun in Aries summons you to revitalize your creativity by taking time to play.

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Consult your inner child to discover what feels like fun, and take the risk of following your heart's desire. After spending the last three years in idealistic Sagittarius, Saturn was certainly not able to function at its full capacity. Sagittarius was in Capricorn for the bulk of that time, having entered Sag in December So anyone account holders who were hoping to fly under the radar and escape the tax collector will now have to get real about their online earnings.

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  4. And those who had simply failed to file their taxes will want to make sure they have solid records of any business transactions that took place via PayPal during that time. Whether we agree with or like what Saturn does is a whole other matter, of course. So how you can you prepare for Saturn in Capricorn? Every transit will affect us in its own way, but here are some tips on how you can work with Saturn in the time to come. Get your life in order.

    Saturn connects to structure, foundation, and security. Here, your house may be literal or metaphorical. Are you standing on solid ground?

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    What factors continuously threaten your security? Basically, whatever you need to be adult about, Saturn will ask you to get on it.

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    Try to save for a rainy day. Do you have an emergency savings account? It might not be a bad idea to get one started. Even if it means re-doing your budget, or starting one in the first place. Figure out your financial priorities first, and then see what you might able to put aside after that. Stay organized and keep detailed records. This is especially important for anyone who is self-employed or does their own taxes. Saturn in Capricorn would love to give you an audit.

    A paper trail can become your best friend over the next few years. Make sure everything is up-to-date.

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    Do you have any registrations, memberships, licences, website, or pieces of identification that can expire? And if you need to register something โ€” like a trademark or business name โ€” now is the time to do it. If you are self-employed, look at your business model : Is your pricing giving you the income you need, or is it based on what you think people will pay? Do you have plans in place for growth? Are you putting your energy into the right places on a consistent basis? Saturn in Capricorn offers a great opportunity to build your business, but it will also challenge you to do it right, and do it well.