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They genuinely care about others and are an easy touch for a hard luck story. This Moon Sign sees themselves in everyone, so they empathize with almost everyone in one way or another. They need to learn not to absorb what others are feeling, as they can be overwhelmed with the emotions they sense around them. They have an uncanny ability to understand things they have not actually experienced, which makes them very talented performers if they choose that line of work. For those who are too shy to climb up on stage, Moon in Pisces can be a talented writer, musician or artist.

If they don't take care of themselves, Pisces Moon can get walked on. To prevent that, they need to recognize when they need a break to recharge themselves. While they need companionship, solitude is equally as important. They are very sensitive, and can easily be hurt by insults, rejection and criticism. These soft-hearted people can get a bit of help from a religion or philosophy that will give them more strength than they have themselves.

This Moon can find a lot of fulfillment by being involved with charities or spiritual causes. They are romantic and creative. The shy and serene appearance is reflective of Jupiter and his ways.

They are benign and collected even under pressure. As one of the most passive of all rashis, Pisces is neither slow like Makara, nor timid like Karkata. They love company and, when goaded by friends, can show their prowess like tigers. The benevolent rays of Jupiter bless whatever tasks they undertake.

The quest for spirituality comes easy for this sign that is devoted as well as cultured. The kind and compassionate nature of Meena natives makes them sympathetic and forgiving. Endowed with foreknowledge, Pisces is capable of high levels of concentration and feeling for mute animals. Their soft nature can easily be moved to tears at the site of cruelty and hence they are given more towards creativity and fine arts. Just like water, Pisces is highly adaptable and creative. The physical aspect of the natives of Meena is well built with a full, fleshy countenance and medium stature, a double chin, long nose, pale complexion and excellent looking eyes and brown hair.

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Pisces has an overall jovial disposition. Excessive oil and fat in foods can be damaging, leading to a rotund figure. It may lead to problems in the intestine, ulcers, gas and nerve related problems. Alcoholism and indulgence in sex should be avoided. Pisces is extremely meticulous and similar jobs are excellently suited for them. Conformity comes naturally to Pisces, just as it comes naturally to the fish. In marriage, Pisces makes a loving partner, who is able to see through deceit and lewd motives. They are extremely attached to the home and hearth, doting on kids and reciprocating their feelings with innocent love.

If Meena strays, it is often due to flattering partners. Meena Man. Just like a fish, the disposition of the Meena man may be rotund and stocky, with bulging eyes and a small head.

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The brow hair is generally thin. An over-critical or too analytical approach to emotional situations makes it difficult for them, as well as others involved, to freely or spontaneously express feelings. Serious-minded, with common sense about most things, they can be surprisingly unrealistic at times.

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Their creativity always has some practical element. As writers or artists, for example, they usually stick to subjects or situations they know best. Virgo moon personalities are emotionally adaptable. They instinctively seem to know what it takes to make others feel better. They make many friends because of their sympathetic nature, but it also means they are vulnerable to being exploited. Though they are not all scholars, they are likely to be fond of books and writing.

Intellectual curiosity gives them a penchant for gathering information that can develop into serious research endeavors, or turn out to be just a fondness for gossip. At times they can be overly fastidious, usually with regard to eating habits. Concern with health makes many of them outstanding health care professionals. Their own preoccupation with health can become exaggerated to the point of hypochondria, or they can be guilty of using maladies to attract sympathy.

They are mentally and emotionally stimulated by travel, communication, and information. Women with Virgo moon may encounter sorrow through marriage. They can be dreadful nags themselves or become the victims of a nagging spouse. Men with Virgo moon tend to idealize their wives but may not be very passionate toward them. Their quiet emotional nature tends toward domesticity, though they may also have a desire for intrigue and flamboyancy.

As a rule, they are disinclined to live alone. If they are not married or romantically involved, they will be content with an amiable companion. For them to seek a long-term emotional relationship with someone, they must feel an intellectual rapport as well as physical attraction.

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Their accomplishments are often the direct result of the stimulation and encouragement they receive from other people. Libra moon personalities are dedicated to getting their own way and accomplishing personal goals.

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Excellent at planning and preparing projects, they would rather charm others into physically carrying them out. Though excellent at paying attention to details, strategizing, and problem solving in their business or profession, they can be impractical, overindulgent, or inconsistent when it comes to handling personal situations. There is strong attachment to home and family though it may not always be obvious in their life style. In one way or another they experience more than their fair share of good and bad experiences with partners, legal matters, and big decisions.

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Aesthetic tastes are exhibited, for the most part, in dressing well, interest in art and music, or an attractively decorated home. Women with moon in Libra have an emotional temperament more inclined to be interested in financial matters, social activities, and intellectual endeavors, than in raising children or taking care of household chores. Men with Libra moon possess a certain streak of domesticity which may show up as an interest in cooking, home furnishings or gardening. There are apt to be one or two strong or influential females in their background.

If their mate fails to keep them mentally stimulated, their physical attention tends to wander. They are highly intuitive, though at times, it is deceptively self-serving. As lunar Water sign personalities, those with moon in Scorpio are primarily led by their emotions. If they are subjected to emotional manipulation or deprivation in childhood, they are not going to reveal their vulnerability by openly expressing their feelings or needs.

If they are raised in a non-threatening environment, they will probably emerge as mild mannered, easy to get along with adults. There is no denying the potential for hedonism, possessiveness, jealousy, and revenge in these individuals but not all of them give in to such destructive energies.

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Those who do are likely to suffer accordingly, reaping their rewards in this life rather than the next. Scorpio moon personalities do not want to be rushed or forced into making a commitment. Once they make an emotional commitment to a project, idea, or relationship, they tenaciously pursue and hang on to it. Their emotional nature is accompanied by strong will power and amazing ability to overcome adversity. Instinctive understanding of human motivation and behavior gives them an emotional advantage, a conscious or subconscious way to control themselves as well as others. The mistake many of them make is being so intent on controlling others, that they never learn to effectively control themselves.

Their stubborn nature makes it difficult for others to convince them to change their opinions and behavior or to break undesirable habits. Women with Scorpio moon are apt to be shrewd, and when they have high intelligence, it is likely to be brilliant. Their ambition is not so much a matter of wanting great wealth for its own sake as it is their desire to gain power.

Men with Scorpio moon can be driven to distraction by situations that offer no solution, and by people who refuse to tell them anything. Their emotional nature is well suited to deal with economic, human, or natural resources. As lunar Fire sign personalities, those born with moon in Sagittarius are idealistic and romantic. Their risk-taking, adventurous spirit and magnanimous generosity are a curse as well as a blessing. It leaves them vulnerable to those who exploit their generosity, but it is also the combination of spirit and attitude needed for enormous success in enterprises that more cautious people would be afraid to try.

They are open and honest with a tendency to be too candid at times, especially in situations that require a more diplomatic approach. Impatience can be the biggest stumbling block to success.