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Mercury and Uranus will be in cahoots, making for a joyful, fruitful day. Also, you will have just experienced the August 30 new moon at seven degrees Virgo, your solar sixth house of work projects, and this will strongly color the first two weeks of September. You will have the Sun, new moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus in this house—all friendly planets—and that tells me just how much you will like what you will be expected to do.

Five out of the ten heavenly bodies in one house—the house which has you centered on various work projects—is half the solar system, and attests to how detailed you will need to be this month. If you have to write proposals, you will be at the top of your game. Magically, all of these planets will be receiving shimmering, electric beams from Uranus, the planet of surprise, now positioned in your financial house, so the work you do now should have a very positive effect on your future salary and fees.

Whether you are self-employed or work for others, your income should soon climb to new heights as a result of what you are about to do now. With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. To view the current horoscopes, click here. Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 View All. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world.

See Another Sign's Monthly Horoscope:. New Articles from Susan. Subscribe to Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. Sign Up Now. Stick to the orthodox form of investment. April to June You may be able to get better results if you try and control your over enthusiastic nature and channelize your energy in a proper direction during this month.

Though you may be getting some opportunities for gain, you may feel low on certain occasions and lack the will to take up challenging tasks.

You are advised to be more optimistic and look at things with a broader perspective. July to September Do not have any big financial expectation and avoid major dealings. So, move ahead with a tight budget only. There are chances of financial complications or errors in judgment, so you will have to be very careful while making any attempt to find gain particularly if you are looking for short-term gain.

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October to December You will require to focus more on the subtler and more detailed aspects. Though it would be good to pay attention to details, you will also have to keep in mind that you do not waste too much time in one particular task during this period of time. Some differences of opinion and misunderstandings are foreseen.

It will be better for you to fix your priorities and work with solid financial planning.

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Due to taking up multiple tasks you may face mental stress during this period, hence keep digging to achieve desires with positive enthusiasm. But, in this enthusiasm, do not lose focus from the fundamental areas and try to maintain a rock solid stance. This may prove to be a highly active and busy phase for your education and a plethora of experiences await you.

April to June During this phase, you may be a bit too reactive in certain situations and this may create problems. There will be some differences of opinion in important matters with elders, so try to put forward your point in a more pleasant manner. Due to the increased pressure, there are chances of things taking the toll at the education front. Though novelty, attentiveness and ingenuity may seem difficult in this period, you would be able to perform routine tasks well.

July to September During this phase, you may experience some challenges when it comes to communicating your point of view or opinion to others.

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There are high chances of arguments and altercations foreseen in the coming few days, so you are advised to remain calm and to not react to all situations. Differences of opinion with elders are indicated. There will be a new surge of optimism and confidence within you. Make the best use of this phase to analyze your strengths and to correct method of function.

October to December Mixed results are expected in this phase, and it would be better to solely rely on your constant self-efforts. A complacent and negligent approach may not go down well, so you are advised to be careful. Your fortune may fluctuate in this period, and there may be some situations, wherein you may feel that things are not moving either way. There are high chances of arguments and altercations with elders within the family are indicated.

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Health issues may affect your overall productivity. As the month progresses, your health may improve gradually. But, you must not overdo things or overindulge in eating or drinking. There could be difficulties in the liver and blood or poor circulation due to over-indulgence. The transiting Saturn will demand strict discipline and simple life style.

April to June During this period, you will maintain average health.

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Sometimes, you may feel low and become sentimental. As the year progresses, things will become challenging. Vicissitudes in health are possible, mostly due to worry and feelings of insecurity, emotional draining or hectic work schedule. You should not take more than you can handle, to avoid anxieties.

You are likely to experience mood swings, due to insecurity about the future. Anxiety may cause health problems. Make sure you eat and sleep well, especially when you feel jaded and dog-tired. July to September Your body may not incorporate everything it needs from the viand you intake.

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Anxieties may also affect your health. So you need to relax so that stress level remains under control or disorder should not get better of you and make you sick. You must not overdo things or overindulge in eating or drinking. Take soup as supplementary viaticum.

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October to December Extra caution should be followed by driving carefully, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Besides, the transiting Jupiter transit through Scorpio will give birth to fatigue factors. There will be a feeling of indolence and pressure.

There are chances of bruises or sustaining injury at the leg. Give sufficient rest to your mind and physique both.