Taurus compatibility with taurus sexually

You both operate at similar speeds to a certain degree.

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After all, differences can be challenging in a good way because they push you both to grow. As a same-element couple, you may need to make a conscious effort to not get stuck in a rut or even a competitive dynamic. Spending time with friends, coworkers or relatives of another element can introduce a more balancing energy. For example, an adventurous fire sign friend could get you to try physical challenges or take a risk at work. A thoughtful air sign might get you out of a stubborn rut, helping you view things from a different perspective.

Are you a starter, a doer or a finisher? Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or do you prefer to go with the flow? If the two of you share an agenda, you can be an indomitable duo.

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Hello, power couple! When you turn on each other, it can be an endless war, with blame and judgment, defending your point of view just to protect your ego. Your best bet is to channel this urge into creating a shared legacy—running a business together, starting a family, hosting all the holidays. Just be careful not to get SO set in your ways that you insist on doing the same things year in and year out. You are both yin signs: receptive, sensitive and intuitive. When all is good, you are deeply simpatico, nurturing one another and sharing romantic, thoughtful gestures.

Taurus and Taurus Love and Romance

The downside? Taurus and Cancer are both focused on home and family with an emphasis on creating a stable, loving environment for the children they both want. This is a fundamental alignment that gives them a great advantage in marriage despite the differences in their personal styles. With time and the trust that inevitably grows between them, they will learn to accept each other for who they are and love them all the more for it. They value the gifts the other brings, their shared agreements as parents, and their focus on caring for their children.

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  • Taurus and Taurus Love Compatibility.

They are both wonderful parents, strong and loving, with Cancer providing the primary nurturing while Taurus provides the safe and comfortable environment. Taurus is sensual and physically affectionate, while Cancer is empathic and responsive.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

Once their bond is affirmed in marriage, their sexual connection can only deepen. Both have relatively simple needs: touch and affection, closeness and caresses, followed by deep strong sex that doesn't need to be fancy to be powerful. They could role play, integrate use of food, sweets, or different flavored gels. There is also the handcuffing and spanking that could possibly occur because of their trust for one another. No one else may be able to do this with them as they never fully feel secure. However with each other; they can feel safe enough to let each other in and become a united front in the bedroom; or whatever other room in the house they feel like being frisky in.

The sex will be such an experience that it could actually cause them to go long term with the rest of their relationship. Who better to know a Taurus man than a Taurus woman? Who better to be with for the long haul? Both in and out of bed the Taurus on Taurus is an excellent match. Typically two of the same sign can get along well as they understand each other very well.

These two create stability for each other which is what they crave.

Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Once stability and security has been secured; these two will probably spend a great deal of time in the bedroom. Though they may not be all about quantity so much as they are about quality. Guessing games?

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Not with these two. To avoid such situations arising, a new sex act should be included every so often to mix things up and make it more exciting and erotic.

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  • Sex with a Taurus.

Taurus is far too jealous and possessive. It takes all kinds and this couple can certainly do whatever they please behind closed doors. Both are likely into nature or going outside often. Outdoor sex is very free and makes you feel that much more connected to the earth as well as to each other.